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    Harrison Community Schools begins prior to Labor Day this year. The 1st day of school is Monday,August 28th.The transportation department would like you to make note of a few very important factors: Your students need to be registered at the bus garage between July 19th and August 18th. Staff will be ready to have you fill out a registration form between 8 a.m. and 3:30p.m. If the bus number, driver name,pick up and/or drop off locations and times cannot be given during your visit, your river will call you with the information within a few days. Routing cannot be done effectively if we are not aware of the needs of all riders.

    • Your student information is NOT passed from the school building to the transportation department. Not all children ride the bus, so it would be unnecessary for the school to pass every registered student's information to us.
    • Your child may have ridden the bus last year,however registration is still required during the dates listed above for the following reasons: you will need to provide us with the location of your residence; we do not know if your child will ride again this year; we do not know if your child advanced to the next grade (this could make a difference to which transfer bus they may ride); we do not know if your phone number has changed; we do not know if the emergency contact choices you had last year are the same this year; we do not know if their phone number has changed; we do not know if you moved over the summer. We appreciate your willingness to help us set up the most efficient and safe routing options available.
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