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HCS Virtual Learning Academy: Calvert Learning Elementary Presentation

  • July 16, 2020


    Dear Harrison Community Schools Families,


    Please see the brief update below regarding our continued efforts to prepare for the upcoming school year. Much of our work is based on Executive Order No. 2020-142 and the Return to School Roadmap. 


    Executive Order No. 2020-142  

    • “This executive order provides a structure to support all schools in Michigan as they plan for a return of preK-12 education in the fall.”  
    • “There’s no one-size-fits-all solution… Districts will retain flexibility to tailor their instruction to their particular needs and to the disease conditions present in their regions.”  
    • “Every school district and nonpublic school must develop and adopt a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan…” 
    •  The document contains requirements regarding face coverings/masks when a school is operating in phase 4 (pg.4). More specific information on this topic can be found on page 22 of the Return to School Roadmap. 


    Return to School Roadmap

    The 63-page roadmap includes requirements that all schools must implement as well as strongly recommended and recommended actions under various phases of the MI Safe Start Plan. If our region is in phase 1 – 3, schools will be closed, and all instruction will continue online. It is also possible that schools may be closed, in consultation with local and county health officials, based on local conditions. Phase 4-6 allows for in-person instruction with varying safety protocols.  The district leadership is working with local health officials, Clare Gladwin RESD, and schools in our region to develop a plan that provides for the safety of our students and staff as a high priority.  


    It is the intent of Harrison Community Schools to be open for face to face instruction beginning Monday, August 24th.  School buildings are currently being prepared for the students' return.  As of today, it is a strong likelihood we will begin the year in Phase 4 of the Governor’s Reopening of School plan.  


    Harrison Community Schools 2020-2021 Options

    • If we are in Phase 4, we will return to face to face instruction, following the Roadmap guidelines with a plan to support instruction through the use of a Google Classroom if we must again be shut down.  ALL students will receive a Chromebook for their use during face to face instruction which will aid in a more seamless transition should we be forced into another remote situation.
    • If we are in Phase 1-3, all instruction must be remote.  HCS teachers will use Google Classroom, but it is always our hope that we would be able to return to school should our region move into Phase 4-6.  Students who come to school during Phase 4 for face to face, would be supported with the Google Classroom by their classroom teacher(s) during another shutdown. All HCS students will receive a Chromebook to use throughout any phase.
    • For ANY of the Phases, HCS is offering a full Remote Learning Option, Harrison Online Learning Academy, for those families who do not wish to send their children back within the building for face to face instruction.   Please see the below section for details on this option, and know that this is available for a longer term commitment (semester or full school year). 


    Full Online Learning Option

    Harrison Community Schools is planning to provide a full virtual Remote Learning Option for families that may not wish to return to face to face instruction, regardless of the ability to physically come to school.  This option requires a commitment of one semester at a minimum, but a full school year option is also available.  Parental support will be needed for younger learners in any situation. Enrolling in this Remote Learning Option means that even though children do not come to the physical building and receive online support, they are still enrolled at HCS and have access to all HCS resources, including technology and device support.  It means that they would not transition back to school if the Governor’s Phases change, within either the semester or the year depending on the parent's choice, but would continue to work within the online learning platform.  We ask that currently enrolled families make the decision to commit no later than August 14th, 2020.  If you are interested in a long term (semester or longer) online option, you must complete the HCS Virtual Learning Academy Registration Form (linked here), or on the district website at www.harrisonschools.com.   


    If you are a new family to Harrison Community Schools, you would also need to complete the District’s Enrollment Packet, also found on our website.  


    Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we strive to create the best possible learning environment under the current (and potential future) conditions. 




    Rick Foote, Superintendent 

    Harrison Community Schools


    Mission Statement

    At Hillside, we encourage students to participate in goal setting in an effort to self monitor their own learning in a positive environment, feeling comfortable taking part in risk-taking on clearly communicated learning expectations.


    School Enrollment Packet