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  • Harrison Community Schools Alumni Hall of Fame

    2019 Inductees

     John S. Wilson Class of 1984

    Stacy Stocking Class of 1986

    Kimberly (Woolgar) McVicar Class of 1996

    Anna (Beadle) Sharp Class of 1984 

  • Nomination Information for the HCS Alumni Hall of Fame

    Nominations can be sent to the school by anyone, including the person themselves, but they have to be a graduate of Harrison High School. There is a committee of people that will be the deciding votes for who is inducted each year. The Nomination Form is available below.

    The next honorees will be inducted during Homecoming weekend in the fall of 2015.

    Criteria for Nomination:

    1. The nominee must be a graduate of Harrison High School
    2. The nominee must have achieved one or more of the following:
    • Advanced degree such as Ph.D., M.D., D.O., D.D.S., O.D., J.D.
    • Significant life achievement, honor or award
    • Significant contribution toward improving the lives of others

Hall of Fame Alumni Members

First Name Last Name Graduating Class Induction Date
Harold Hughes 1929 2018 (Spring)
Marion Hileman 1946 2015 (Spring)
Harry Moulton 1949 2016 (Spring)
Barbara Ann Stanley Poole 1952 2016 (Spring)
Kay (Pardue) Brandt 1954 2018 (Fall)
Ann (MacArthur) Smith 1958 2017 (Spring)
Gary Durham 1959 2016 (Spring)
Robert Hughes 1963 2018 (Spring)
Bronwyn (Hawks) Asplund-Walsh 1965 2018 (Spring)
Joe Wade 1965 2015 (Spring)
Nola Hopkins 1965 2015 (Spring)
Mark Carlstrom 1981 2015 (Spring)
Anna (Beadle) Sharp 1984 2019 (Spring)
Dennis Resseguie 1991 2015 (Fall)
Stephen Taylor 1992 2018 (Fall)
Joni (Haley) Ashcroft 1995 2016 (Fall)
Matthew House 1996 2016 (Fall)
Kimberly (Woolgar) McVicar 1996 2019 (Spring)
Elizabeth (McAndrew) Benavides 1997 2015 (Fall)
Amy Petrongelli 2003 2015 (Fall)
Lauren (Henry) Faulkner 2004 2017 (Spring)