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  • Frequently Asked Questions During Covid-19 Stay At Home Action

    Posted by Stacey VanAntwerp on 4/7/2020 4:00:00 PM

    During this atypical time it's been difficult for everyone.  At HMS we have developed frequently asked questions to help support you.  


    FAQ’s for Distance Learning at HMS

    HMS will continue to add to the FAQ’s as we get common questions from families. 


    How can I get my child’s personal belongings from the school?

    The contents of students lockers are being bagged by our staff this week and will be available for pick up on Monday, April 13th between 12-6pm. In order to ease congestion we ask that you follow the schedule below to pick up your students items.

    Last names A-C 12:00-1:00

    Last names D-H 1:00-2:00

    Last names I-M 2:00-3 :00

    Last names N-S 3:00-4:00

    Last names T-Z 4:00-5:00

    OPEN 5:00-6:00

    When you arrive, please stay in your car, a staff person will come to you and retrieve the appropriate items. Parents and students will not be allowed in the middle school at this time.  If students miss the pick up Monday, April 13th, instructional materials will be mailed and personal items can be picked up once the stay at home order has been lifted.


    How do I get my child’s belongings if I cannot make it on Monday, April 13th?

    Families who cannot make it to HMS between 12:00 and 6:00pm on Monday will be able to pick up belongings AFTER the stay-At-Home order is lifted by the Governor.  The middle school will mail grade level instructional packets to students who did not show up but we will not be mailing personal belongings.  


    Will the Middle School Office be open during school closures?

    While the Stay-At-Home order is in effect, staff are only working at school when it is essential.  Principals have been working in the office and answering phone calls when available. We are working to get some tentative office hours so parent questions can be answered during this transition.  We will update days and times as they are determined.  

    In the meantime, we encourage you to email specific instructional questions directly to teachers.  If you have other questions they can be emailed to: 

    Principal, Mrs. Lipovsky @ klipovsky@harrisonschools.com or 

    Dean of Students, Mrs. VanAntwerp @ svanantwerp@harrisonschools.com or

    You can also privately message the middle school on Facebook.


    Are students required to participate in distance learning for the remainder of the year?

    YES. Harrison Middle School is required to deliver content in a variety of ways so that all students can access learning which is online or a paper/pencil option.  We are also required to evaluate how many students participate and have a plan for giving grades or credit/no credit. Students are expected to participate in learning.


    We don’t have reliable internet, how is my child supposed to do distance learning?

    Harrison Middle School will send out bi-weekly mailings along with a School Newsletter.  Each grade level will prepare packets for home mailings. Dates packets will be mailed out include: April 13th, April 27th, May 11th, May 26th


    Paper/pencil and online assignments will cover the same content standard as online.  If your child has limited access to data, we encourage them to still utilize the Google Classrooms or teacher office hours when possible.  They can do a combination of both online and paper/pencil.


    How do I return my child’s paper/pencil work?

    Paper/Pencil packets will need to be returned for credit.  Students have two options to return them which include:

    1. Snap a picture on cell phone and email teacher OR
    2. Drop off packet in grade level tub at HMS lobby area


    Students who are using the paper/pencil option for distance learning will receive weekly phone calls from teachers to check in and provide help on assignments.


    What are the benefits of having my student do online learning instead of paper/pencil learning?

    Teachers are using Google Classroom as a platform to provide instruction for students.  This tool allows teachers to post assignments, resources, videos, and interact with students regularly.  Teachers will also be offering “office hours” so students can ask questions and get help with assignments.  Google Classroom also offers features that teachers can host a meeting and students can interact with each other as well.


    How do we use Google Classroom?

    Google Classroom is an internet based site and the device will need to connect to either a mobile hotspot of internet connection to access it. In order to use Google Classroom students will use their school stu email.  Students should be familiar with this email and should be checking it weekdays. In addition, most students participated in Google Classroom daily all school year and know how to access it from home. Google Classroom can be accessed through a Smartphone (easiest if a student has Google Drive, Classroom, and Gmail apps on phone), a Chromebook or laptop, or a tablet.   


    How do I support my child if they don’t understand and I cannot help them?

    Online students will access by communication with the teacher.

    -Emailing teachers

    -Contacting teachers during their “office hours”

    -Attending Zoom or Google Meet sessions with the teacher

    -Access resources that are posted in the Google Classroom (videos, links, etc)

    Paper/pencil students can email 

    -Email teacher

    -Ask specific questions during weekly calls from teacher

    -Have your child reach out to friends for support

    -If your child continues to struggle, call or email school and we will set up support

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    Harrison Middle School would to give thanks to the DPW: City of Harrison for building our Mailbox stand which allows parents to return their child's work from our school. Thanks also goes to Harrison Do-It Center for donating the mailboxes, Living the Dream Design for donating stickers, and Gladwin High School for sharing the idea of building mailboxes for our school.  This system is convenient and will provide a safer exchange of materials for our students and their family. We truly appreciate everyones help and generosity.

    Look at our school calendar for current events.

    ATTENTION STUDENTS:  Check your Google Classroom.  Your teachers have been sharing assignments and resources to support your learning.  Please use your "stu" accounts to access your Google Classroom for each subject that you are enrolled.  Thank you.  


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