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    We would like to share with you a new program that is near and dear to our heart. The Harrison Backpack Program is new to Harrison Schools this year and is intended to be beneficial and have longevity within our schools. A couple years ago, several neighboring school districts implemented “Backpack” or “Survival Kit” programs to benefit the elementary age students in our community who may not be getting nutritious, regular meals on the weekends, if any at all. Harrison Community Schools’ students receive free breakfast and lunch through government programs Monday through Friday when they are in school…. But what about Saturday and Sunday?

    Regional food banks, just like the ones who deliver to local churches and other support groups for those in need in the adult community, are willing to accept orders for nonperishable food that can be sent home with students for the weekend. We can have access to nutritious food at a discounted cost, and provide breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for the students in our K-5th grades for the weekends throughout the school year. We already have local student groups, like the National Junior Honor Society ready to help pack the backpacks.

    Think about the last time you missed a meal. When you are ‘hungry’, truly ‘hungry’, can you concentrate on math, reading comprehension, science? Are you in the best temperament? Studies show that students who do not receive proper nutrition at home can take two days of normal meals once they are back from the weekend to attain the nutrient levels they need to be able to concentrate and process their schoolwork. That makes Mondays and Tuesdays a challenge for everyone involved. This isn’t the only concern there is to this grave, eye opening situation, but it is certainly a valid one. These students are your neighbors, the kids at the park down the street, the kids who cannot speak for themselves.

    As our school system struggles to make its own budget, you can imagine the plight of finding funding for this type of program. Yet we feel strongly enough to commit to being able to feed 72 Harrison Community Schools K-5th grade students every weekend starting in October. We have held fundraisers amongst our own staff and along with service organizations at the schools, as well as receiving a donation from our corporate offices. These have not met our total need though. It only costs $100 to feed one student every weekend for the entire school year. That’s $7200 for 72 students who can really use this help. How many students are you willing to sponsor? One? Two? Five? We are reaching out to this great Harrison Community because we have seen the generosity this town offers throughout our own lifetimes of living here. We would like to challenge you even further, to secure the longevity of this program and commit to sponsoring students for the next five years if possible. Please take this step in helping the youth of our community! We are happy to say we are partnering with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan out of Flint for this new and exciting endeavor! You can make out your donation checks directly to them, but please send them to us, for tracking purposes and we will forward to them. Once again, thank you for your support in this!

    Thank you for your time!

    Lacie L. Curns
    Director of Dining Services

      Lacie Curns  Director of Dining Services for Harrison Community Schools