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  • In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed the Read by Grade 3 Law to ensure that students are reading at or above grade level when they exit third grade. Students in kindergarten through grade 3 will be assessed three times a year to help identify their needs as a reader. The assessments are designed to help identify students who need additional supports and interventions to promote reading progress. The law requires that parents receive communication regarding reading difficulties. This communication will be in the form of an Individualized Reading Improvement Plan, or IRIP. This IRIP will provide information about testing, supports and interventions planned for the student, and strategies and suggestions for working with the child at home, also called a Read at Home Plan.

    All third grade students take the M-STEP state assessment at the end of the year. Students who score one or more years below grade level in reading on this assessment will receive a letter from CEPI, The Center for Educational Performance and Information, about possible retention and the good cause process.

    Our school focuses on early literacy to build skills and a love of reading. We all know family involvement plays an important role in academic success. Together we can help our children learn to read and then read to learn.