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  • Hillside Core Values

    In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary school, we commit ourselves to:

    • Providing an inviting learning environment with clear expectations, consistent procedures, and SMART goals.
    • Helping students' values learning and become life-long learners by providing positive meaningful learning experiences.
    • Promoting a positive school culture by modeling appropriate social skills and behavior.
    • Scaffolding instruction based on data to meet individual student's needs and build on their strengths.
    • Implement best practices through ongoing professional development for continuous improvement.
    • Working collaboratively with colleagues in developing instructional strategies, designing methods of assessment, and working toward SMART goals.
    • Recognizing the value of each other through communication and respect.
    • Creating a welcoming environment for parents and community to involve them in the learning process

      Hillside Shared Vision

      The Shared Vision of Harrison Elementary Schools reads as follows:
      Our school is a welcoming, engaging and creative environment that is clean, orderly and safe.

      Parents and community are an essential part of our school culture by valuing education. They do this by volunteering, supporting students' learning and celebrating successes. Staff works collaboratively in a supportive atmosphere with willingness to share ideas and successes.

      Students are responsible, respectful, and set goals to meet academic expectations.