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  • We celebrate some of our student successes by honoring those who have been nominated by staff for our “Hornet Pride Award”. Students who have been nominated were honored at a luncheon and received a certificate and pin. A student in each class from the group of nominees was named the overall Hornet Pride winners for each semester.


    First Semester Nominees

    6th Grade:  Hayley Neff, Gracie Burkhard, Kyley Wyman, Andrew Eastep-Samuelson, Michael Ware

    7th Grade:  Amelia Dill, Havier Beavers, Ella Hershberger, Tyler Fox-Poag, Schuyler Badour, Keegan Woodworth, Summer Reames, Damein Eichhorn, Casey Brand, Hannah Kimball

    8th Grade:  Latasia Ellison, Kaydasin Sant, Emma Mashue, Ethan Wallace, Cecelia Reyes, Keira James