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  • November/December HHS Students of the Month

    By Dave Minor



                Freshman Student of the Month for November/December months is Haley Bullard, daughter of John Bullard and Candy Champlain.  She’ll turn 15 on January 7th and once lived in Barryton.

                Science teacher Mr. Harwood notes that she “knows what’s best and always tries to be better.  She’s pleasant to have class.  Participates every time!”  At Harrison High School, young Miss Bullard likes Woodworking and Algebra, and she is the Student Council secretary.  Friends here at Harrison High School include Delci Roper and Alexis Abbote.

                Hanging out with said friends and running are what young Miss Bullard does when she has spare time, and Scarlxrd is a band she listens to.  Raspberries are the favorite food of Haley.    “Funny, honest, and smart” are three adjectives this ninth grader uses to describe herself.

                For future plans, it’s still early yet, but Haley is exploring being a truck driver, going into the military, or going to Central Michigan University.  “Trust in yourself.  You already know what’s going to happen” is a quote she adheres to.

                Have a good next three-plus years, Haley!





                Sophomore Student of the Month at Harrison High School for November/December is Caitlin Jensen, daughter of Charmaine Jensen and Pergl in Harrison.  She’ll turned 16 last week (the 5th) and her older sister, Alexis, graduated from HHS last year and she has another sister.

                Mr. Smith notes that Caitlin has a good work ethic, while Mrs. Travis said, “She is very engaged and stays focused.  She is respectful—holds herself to high standards, is never disrespectful.”  At school, young Miss Jensen enjoys Government and ELA classes and is currently on the JV Basketball team and will play softball in the spring. 

    Macy Bristol, Molly Minor, Josh Jones, and Taelor McVicar are friends Caitlin hangs out with, and she enjoys eating cheeseburgers.  This tenth grader describes herself as “funny, caring, smart,” and Caitlin says, “If you’re not first you’re last.”

    “I want to go to Michigan University or NYU and go to med school to become an anesthesiologist,” writes Caitlin.  Keep up the good attitude at HHS!





    Son of Shannon and Theron Haines and brother to Parker (2018 HHS graduate) and Ashley Beadle.   Conner was born March 12th, 2002 and is our November/December junior Student of the Month.  They have always lived in the small burg of H-Town.

    At Harrison High School, Mr. Lockhart says that Conner “works hard every day; assignments are in and on time.  He’s hardworking, trustworthy, and helpful.”  Young Mr. Haines ran Cross Country in the fall and is on the Varsity Boys Basketball team at present.  Favorite classes of his include Mr. Tacey’s ENG III and World History.  Conner is in NHS and lists Gavin Lawrence, Luke Cooper, Cameron Ashcroft, Travis Taylor, Teddy Campbell, Julia Jackson, and Tristan Barnes as some of his friends here.

    When not in school, young Mr. Haines works on his basketball and hangs out with those friends.  Mac and cheese is his favorite meal.  “Funny, tall, and shy” are the three adjectives Conner uses to describe himself.

    “I want to go to college and get a degree for a good job” is this eleventh grader’s goal.  Have a good rest of this year, Conner!




                Senior Student of the Month is Christina Bailey, daughter of Dawn and Aaron Evers and sister to Thomas Nunnally and Samantha Burkhard.  She’ll turn 18 December 23rd of this year and has always lived in our fair town.

                Teacher Mr. Minor notes that Christina is “friendly and treats her fellow peers and staff well.”  She is involved at Harrison High School by being Student Council President, is part of NHS, and is on the Varsity Girls Ski and Basketball teams.

                Friends at HHS for young Miss Bailey include many: “I try to hang out with everyone and be friends with everyone so I don’t have a select few.”  She enjoys hot Cheetos and Reeses (but not together), and musically Christina likes to Louis the Child, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (depending on her mood).

                In the future, this twelfth grader would like to go to Flight Attendant School in Florida and travel.  “Adventurous, fun, and outgoing” are three adjectives Christina uses to describe herself.  She’d like to remind her fellow seniors: “We’re only in high school once, so enjoy it while it lasts!”

                We wish you well in your future endeavors, Christina!


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  • Every month Harrison High School recognizes those students who show exceptional character and a drive for success. The students need to have good attendance record and be nominated and decided upon by a panel of teachers. Several nominees are discussed but only one is granted the title of “Student of the Month.”

    Great work students! Harrison High School is proud to have representatives like you in its midst. You all set a outstanding example for us all.

    For the 21st year, HHS is honoring one student per grade for their good character, work ethic, and scholarship each month.

    The following businesses have donated coupons to reward these youngsters: Burger King of Harrison, Monte’s Restaurant, Family Fare, Mama Cillie’s, Sunrise Gas Stations, Jackpine Restaurant, Family Video of Harrison, Subway of Harrison, the Harrison Athletic Department, McDonald’s of Harrison, Chartwell’s Food Service, Little Caesar’s, and MacLean Mercantile, and we appreciate their donating to this cause!

    Thank you very much!
    From David Minor, HHS teacher