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    By Dave Minor




                Freshman Student of the Month for May at Harrison High School is Brennah Lubs, daughter of Tracy and Scott Lubs and middle daughter with Kylie graduating this year and Sophie in fifth grade.  Shewas born May 26th, 2014 and has lived in and around Clare all her life.

                Mr. Harwood, Science teacher at HHS, writes that she “always does what is asked of her and constantly turns in papers on time…Very pleasant and a delight to have in class.”  English and Fitness for Life are classes Brennah particularly enjoys, and she was recently on the JV softball team.  Friends here include Jaynie Hamilton, Caylee O’Rourke, Haley Cooper, haven Rhodes, Maggie Ware,. Mara Pomerville, and Nicole Dukart.

                When not in school, young Miss Lubs likes to hang with said friends, cook, and be outside.  Strawberries and cheeseburgers are her favorite foods (but not together), and Brennah enjoys a lot of music.  She describes herself as “funny, smart, and delightful.” 

                Future plans for this ninth grader are to go to a good college “that best fits me and pursue my dreams of working with kids as a pediatric nurse.”  A quote that Brennah likes is: “She believed she could, and so she did” (R.S. Grey). 

                Have a nice summer, Brennah!




              “She is on-task, asks questions, follows through,” says Mr. Humphres of Kailey Osorio, our Harrison High School sophomore Student of the Month for May.  “Always helpful and nice,” he adds.  She was born June 23rd, 2003 to Patricia Ann Osorio and used to live in Hope, Arkansas.  Samuree Driver, Mikal Driver, and Dalton Miracle are siblings of young Miss Osorio.

                In the Model United Nations, Sideline Cheer, and JV Softball, Kailey lists Government and Biology are favorite classes.  Friends here at HHS include Auroa Ault, Kia Glines, Chloe Beavers, Macy Bristol, Evan Wilson, Michael Kirby, and Zoey idiapolo.

                When not in school, this tenth grader enjoys hanging out with those friends and reading.  Cheesy potatoes and potato soup are dishes Kailey enjoys; Highly Suspect, Badflower, and Migos are bands she prefers.

                “I plan on attending MSU to become a Physical Therapist and then move to Oklahoma,” writes Kailey.  She describes herself as “empathetic, humorous, and sweet.

                Keep up the great attitude, Kailey!





                           Born March 10th, 2002,  Jacy Ingalls is our junior HHS Student of the Month for May.  Son of Adam and Andrea Rousseau, he has Evan and Connor as older brothers and Makayla Rousseau as his sister.  They used to live in Florida and Pellston Up North.

                Mrs. Eberhart notes that Jay is “far above average—honest, caring, hard-working, trustworthy, polite, helpful, always helps others.  A great person to have in class.”  She adds that he “uses his time wisely and works hard to accomplish goals.”  One of those goals is to go to MMC for a year or two “and get into electrical or mechanical engineering.”  This soon-to-be senior has played football at HHS; Fitness for Life, Body Con, Art, and Physics are his favorite subjects.   Brandi Kish, Jared Bohr Patricia Wentworth, and Jacob Dicks are friends of his.

                Outside of school, young Mr. Ingalls enjoys writing lyrics and working.  Tacos and fresh fruit are Jay’s favorite foods, while Foo fighters, Outkast, and Red Hot Chili Peppers are the musical group’s he likes listening to.

                “You never know what day the doors will close.  It’s time to say good-bye, time to pack up and ride” (in “The Train” by Outkast) is a quote Jay likes.  He describes himself as “humorous, generous, and athletic.

                Have a good senior year, Jay!


    As usual at this time of year, Harrison High School would like to truly thank the following businesses who have donated coupons for our students this past school year: McDonalds of Harrison, Subway of Harrison and Clare, Sunrise Convenience Stores, Babe’s Country Kitchen, Jackpine Restaurant, Family Fare of Harrison, Family Video of Harrison, Chartwell’s Food Service, Monte’s Restaurant, Dairy Queen of Harrison, and the Harrison Athletic Department.

    If any businesses would like to donate for the 2019-2020 school year, we would really appreciate it!  Please call Dave Minor, HHS, at 539-7417.

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  • Every month Harrison High School recognizes those students who show exceptional character and a drive for success. The students need to have good attendance record and be nominated and decided upon by a panel of teachers. Several nominees are discussed but only one is granted the title of “Student of the Month.”

    Great work students! Harrison High School is proud to have representatives like you in its midst. You all set a outstanding example for us all.

    For the 25th year, HHS is honoring one student per grade for their good character, work ethic, and scholarship each month.

    The following businesses have donated coupons to reward these youngsters: Burger King of Harrison, Monte’s Restaurant, Family Fare, Mama Cillie’s, Sunrise Gas Stations, Jackpine Restaurant, Family Video of Harrison, Subway of Harrison, the Harrison Athletic Department, McDonald’s of Harrison, Chartwell’s Food Service, Little Caesar’s, and we appreciate their donating to this cause!

    Thank you very much!
    From David Minor, HHS teacher