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    By Dave Minor



    Freshman Student of the Month for February is Megan Smith, daughter of Shawn and Jeremy Smith and younger sister to Jordyn.  She just turned 15 February 4th and was born in Harrison (Clare Hospital) and her family has also lived in Farwell.

    Teacher Ms. Wise compliments as a “very hard worker, does above and beyond work in my class.  She has a good head on her shoulders.  She looks after others, and is always willing to lend a hand.”  Volleyball, Cheer, Track, and Softball are sports Megan will play here at Harrison High School.  She’s friends with a lot of people here, including her boyfriend, Logan.

    When not at HHS, young Miss Smith enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating chicken alfredo, breadsticks, and wings.  Musically, she likes country (such as Juice World).

    “Caring, funny, and smart” are three words Megan describes herself as.  “Positive vibes only” is a motto this ninth grader aspires to.  Getting into the medical field as either a nurse and pediatrician is what this young lady is thinking of after graduating.

    Keep up the good attitude the next three-plus years, Megan!




                Sydnee Waters, daughter of Mike and Sue Waters, is our Harrison High School sophomore Student of the Month for February.  She was born December 23, 2002 and has siblings Jessica, Braendan, and Jackson.  They used to live in Hastings and Pierson.

                At HHS, Sydnee enjoys Biology, Math, and Art classes, and some of her friends here include Hailey Clark, Alyssa Beaulieu, and Dakota Shipman.  Mr. Humphres praises her as a “fantastic student.  Concerned about grades, works hard on every project.  She is friendly, caring, and responsible.”

                Outside of school, young Miss Waters enjoys reading, hunting, and fishing, while spaghetti and pizza are her favorite meals.  Queen, AC/DC, Quiet Riot, Guns N’ Roses, and Bon Jovi are her preferred musical groups, so she wouldn’t mind being teleported back into the ‘80’s if that were possible!

                “I want to finish high school and go to college for four years,” writes this tenth grader, who is looking at medical school to eventually become a surgeon.  “Funny, outspoken, ambitious, and lively” is a great way she describes herself.  Sydnee likes the quote “There are no limits to what you can accomplish except the limits you place on your own thinking” (by Brian Tracy).

                Have a good second half of your high school career here, Sydnee!




    Junior Student of the Month for February is Sarah Kokko, daughter of Michelle and Garrett Kokko.  She was born December 27th, 2001 and her brother, James, is a senior here at HHS, as well half-siblings Casey Scanlon and Emily Scanlon.

    Chemistry/Physics teacher Mrs. Eberhart notes that Sarah “Regardless of what goes on around her, she always stays focused and works hard to understand the content beyond what is expected.  She is extremely helpful and kind to others—sacrifices her own comfort for those that need help.”  Young Miss Kokko enjoys Band and science classes.  One of her best friends was Elizabeth Lovett, who recently left HHS, as well as Taylor Smith, Halima Cisse, and some other gals who go here.  Sarah is the Stage Manager for this week’s HHS play, Peter and Wendy, plays flute in the Band, and is in NHS.

    When not in school, this eleventh grader enjoys playing X-Box and listening to bands such as Set it Off and Panic at the Disco.  Ice cream is her favorite dessert.

    “I want to go to MMC for two years, then to a university afterwards, preferably MSU.  When I get older I want to work with animals,” Sarah says.  She describes herself as “independent, observant, and organized.”  A quote this young lady adheres to is: “I like many people who don’t sit in a box or stay between the lines but whose integrity is greater than blood.”  She adheres to this because “Life is more than just following rules and doing what you’re told.”

    Keep up the good attitude, Sarah!




    Class of 2019 February Character Counts Student of the Month is Makayla Eichorn, daughter of Tiffany and Mike Bennett as well as Edward and Danielle Bennett.  She’s a sibling to Ryley Bennett, Jordan Bennett, Rilya Bennett and more.  She was born October 10th, 2001 and used to go to HHS, then Jackson, and is now back up here to graduate.

    Mr. Lockhart complimented her as “working hard in class every day.  She turns in all assignments on time, is responsible, hardworking, and respectful.  A great kid.”  Art and Woodworking are two of her favorite classes, and Olivia Johnson, Lindsey Campbell, and Savannah Signorelli are some of her friends here. 

    When not at HHS, Makayla enjoys “hanging out with my boyfriend, Alec and watching TV.”  She likes pizza and mac and cheese (what teen doesn’t?!) and listens to many different artists.

    “I plan to Mid Michigan College, but I don’t know what for yet,” says this twelfth grader, who describes herself as “considerate, reliable, and ambitious.”  An appropriate quote for Makayla is the one she picked: “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

    Good luck as you graduate from HHS soon, Makayla!

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  • Every month Harrison High School recognizes those students who show exceptional character and a drive for success. The students need to have good attendance record and be nominated and decided upon by a panel of teachers. Several nominees are discussed but only one is granted the title of “Student of the Month.”

    Great work students! Harrison High School is proud to have representatives like you in its midst. You all set a outstanding example for us all.

    For the 25th year, HHS is honoring one student per grade for their good character, work ethic, and scholarship each month.

    The following businesses have donated coupons to reward these youngsters: Burger King of Harrison, Monte’s Restaurant, Family Fare, Mama Cillie’s, Sunrise Gas Stations, Jackpine Restaurant, Family Video of Harrison, Subway of Harrison, the Harrison Athletic Department, McDonald’s of Harrison, Chartwell’s Food Service, Little Caesar’s, and we appreciate their donating to this cause!

    Thank you very much!
    From David Minor, HHS teacher