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    Bus Behavior Policy

    First Student Services – Harrison Community School bus drivers are responsible for transporting your children to and from school safely. In order to accomplish their job, they are in charge of the bus at all times. Students are expected to follow all the bus rules and respond promptly to all directions given by the driver. Drivers are to be treated with due respect.

    Safety is the number one priority. Please discuss the following essential rules with your child and stress their responsibilities in the overall safety of bus transportation.

    1. Do as the driver asks at all times. The school bus driver is authorized to enforce these rules of behavior and report any infractions of these rules. Drivers will recommend discipline as appropriate, up to and including suspension.

    2. No eating, drinking or chewing gum on the bus. There is to be no littering or defacing of property on the school bus. Passengers can be held financially responsible for intentional damages to property.

    3. Passengers are to arrive 5 minutes before the designated bus stop time. Passengers will wait 10 feet from the edge of the roadway and shall cross 10 feet in front of the bus. Passengers will not cross the street or enter the bus until signaled to do so by the driver. Buses cannot wait.

    4. Passengers shall remain seated until the bus is completely stopped. Passengers will walk 10 feet directly away from the bus as a group or cross 10 feet in front of the bus, as a group, when signaled to do so by the driver after exiting.

    5. Stay seated while riding. Sit erect with your feet on the floor, keep head, arms and hands inside the bus. Keep feet and articles out of the aisle. Aisles must be kept clear. Passengers with large items that can not be kept on the lap will need to make arrangements to transport those items.

    6. First Student Services will not be held responsible for personal items brought on the bus.

    7. Loud and boisterous behavior is forbidden. Inappropriate or abusive language will not be tolerated.

    8. No throwing of objects inside or outside of the bus. Horseplay, teasing, hitting others or fighting will not be tolerated.

    9. Passengers must receive permission to open windows. Passengers will not place any part of their body out of the school bus window, nor will they spit or throw objects out the window.

    10. Passengers shall wear seatbelts at all times if applicable or is required.

    11. Passengers cannot possess or consume alcohol, drugs or tobacco on the bus. Passengers will not possess illegal items or any item that could pose a safety hazard. The proper authorities will be contacted if a passenger is found to have these items.

    Adopted August 14, 2006
    By the Authority of the Board of Education of Harrison Community Schools