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    Early Dismissal

    Occasionally school is dismissed early during the school day due to rapidly changing weather conditions. Public announcements will be made over the TV and radio stations listed below, approximately one hour before the students are dismissed. If school should be closed early for any reason, you should already have a contingency plan for where your child should be sent. The office should be notified ahead of time as to what your arrangements are, since it is very difficult to get through on phone lines at the last minute. This way both the school and you will be assured that children will not be going home to an empty house. Included in your student's handbook is an "Early Dismissal Form". Please fill it out and return it to school as soon as possible, also notify the office of any changes that may occur during the year.

    School Delay

    In the event of a school delay, it will be announced over the TV and radio stations listed below. Under the 2-hour delay policy, all schools will open exactly two hours later than the normal starting time. If it becomes necessary to close school after the two hour delay has been called, an announcement will be made by 8:30 a.m.